International Troia Festival

International Troia Festival is waiting for you. The festival is important to introduce beauty of Çanakkale because it has many places and historical background. Name of the festival also signed that purpose since ancient Troia city was found nearside of the city center.  Not just Troia is here, but also Assos and Gallipoli are there. About the festival, it has been arranged since 1963 but this year will be special because it is announced as the Year of Troia. UNESCO selected the ancient Troia city for World Heritage List. We are celebrating 20th year of the selection.

Some events are declared by Municipality of Çanakkale. Exhibitions, concerts, theaters and other events will be arranged for public without any charge. Also, the municipality contacted with Fazıl Say to compose the Trojan Sonata. Trojan Sonata's premier will be 9th August at Çanakkale.

At Özgürlük Parkı, there will be arranged some concerts by Erol Evgin, Resul Dindar, Mehmet Erdem, Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra and Rubato.

At Çimenlik Kalesi, there will be realized other concerts by Fazıl Say, Dina Ensemble, Eleni Karaindrou and Dany Brillan

If you are planning to visit Çanakkale between 9-16 th August, International Troia Festival is waiting for you.


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