An excellent island is waiting for you. It's Bozcaada (Tenedos)

An excellent island is waiting for you.

Welcome to Bozcaada which is one of calm areas of Turkey.

Old name of the Bozcaada is Tenedos and it is one of valuable islands of Turkey.

The island is very popular nowadays becasue a Turkish comedy film which is Eyyvah Eyvah filmed at here. On the film, movie lovers influenced local people, nature of the island, old Greek houses and beaches. After then, many of them wants to visit here for every summer.

What are specialities of the island?

Firstly, you can find many restaurants and cafe between lanes of the island. At nights, you can taste delicious fishes with raki which is Turkish alcohol. Atmosphere will call to you remembering of your old but gold times with your friends and family.

Secondly, when you are discovering the island you will face with artworks on the walls and  many different flowers in front of windows of the pretty Greek houses. Maybe someone calls you to drink Turkish tea for nice conversation.

Finally, beaches are very good. They are cold because end of the Dardanelles strait nearside of the island. This situation effect the temperature of the sea.

By the way, you can taste special grapes and wines at the island because it is famous with them in Turkey.

To save yourself from stress, give a chance for Bozcaada, Çanakkale.


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