Neverland: Troya Exhibition

2018 is announced the Year of Troia in Turkey by Ministry of Culture and Tourism because ancient Troia city was selected World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1998. Nowadays, we are celebrating 20th year of the selection so there are many events at Çanakkale. One of events is the Neverland: Troya Exhibition. You can see many artworks which is made from glass and ceramic. Also, there are some photographs, graphic design, video works. To discover the exhibition, you can visit Piri Reis Museum which is nearest the Trojan Horse at center of the Çanakkale.

Curator is Derya Yücel
Date of the exhibition is between 27 July and 29 August.

Also, the exhibiton will be open in Istanbul.

For Istanbul,
Place: Darphane-i Amire
Date: 19 Sep-19 Oct
Fee: Free


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