Fazıl Say is coming to Çanakkale

Fazıl Say is one of best known Turkish composers in the town. The Year of Troia is celebrating with different events.Story of the event is here. Çanakkale Municipality agreed with Fazıl Say to compose a sonata about Trojan Legend few months ago. Fazıl Say influenced the history of Troia and Homer's  İliad and Odyssey when he composed the sonata. Premier of the sonata will be Çanakkale on 9 August when is the first day of International Troia Festival events.

According to his Facebook post parts of the sonata are here,

1- Ozan Anlatıyor, Homeros   / Homer
2- Ege Rüzgarları / Winds of Aegean
3- Troya Kahramanları / Heros of Troia
4- Sparta
5- Helen
6- Troya / Troia
7- Aşil / Akhileus
8- Savaş / War
9- Truva Atı / Trojan Horse
10- Sonsöz / Last Words

Names of parts are translated from Turkish version.


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